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(on June 3rd) While you're in your room, playing with your computer and drinking and eating an ass-ton of Mountain Dew and Nacho Doritos, your cousin notified you that "How to Baldi" expanded his school, and claims that it is as big as Paulor94's "BBRMS Hard mode Schoolhouse."

Think you can manage to get all 8 poops from this crazy school?

Paulor94 made BBRMS Hard mode

Original by 


Vandalized by 


Full credits in the ending after beating this mod!

Thx for playing!

CategoryGame mod
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Adventure
TagsArcade, Comedy, Dark Humor, Retro

Install instructions

(facepalm) -_-


Crappy Map Experience.zip 974 MB


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this is full of shit in this mod series

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Don't you know vandal mods are meant to look idiotic on purpose?

Also yes, it was a crappy map experience for you lol

i fuked up limon gays


the baldi in this art fits the discription:IM GONNA KICK UR @$$ OK!?