A downloadable edgy mod

itch.io Release. (for the ones who are too lazy to go to game jolt and download it.)

Game Jolt Description: 

MY FIRST MOD IN 2020! To lazy to write down a good description. All i know is that it's a vandalized version of Baldi's Basics Free Exclusive Edition (also intended to mock this mod too!). So yeah, enjoy this crap i made 


Paulor94 - a hero who made BBRMS

Tutorials used:


https://gamebanana.com/tuts/13237 (for the color change on every exit doors reached!)

and so on!

Original by LimonGames

Parody by Cotepus

Oh and yes, like I promised, i removed things that made fun of CS124 to avoid controversy, especially Pink Guy's legs. However, i am still Cotepus's/

r3al_Cotepus ' alternative, or a nicer back up account! This gamepage will have more stuff included. :)

There's always enought time tomorrow.

For people who wants to do math here's a hint: If you see a - sign, it means to add, or if you see a + sign, it means to subtract! (written near the pad!)

CategoryGame mod
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Adventure
TagsAbstract, Arcade, Casual, Comedy, Retro, Singleplayer, Unity

Install instructions

you've already know how to install baldi's basics. If you know how to, well ur an idiot.


how-to-baldi-s-basics-expensive-unexclsive-edition-full-release-code-adjusted.zip 279 MB

Development log


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I play it

another out of my old comments

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How to Baldi's Basics Expensive Unexclusive Edition

lol, Baldi's Basics You're Mine Song

Yep, i think it's a fitting thing for this mod lol

Deleted post

can you like, not use gay as an insult


are you gonna make one for ios, android, mac, and linux?

Nope, sorry, but may do linux.

no iOS. So not real

MORE out of my cringe comments


Good parody mod of Baldi's Basics Free Exclusive Edition.


e x c e p t    4   t h e      s w e r s


when you see playtime

I dOnT kNoW yOu!

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Add this in a poster!

ok, if i have time


5 stars


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Changed it to the current update! :D