A downloadable mod

Oh noes! 

Principal Soap is back (cuz the principal has to deal with mean people in the school) and fired every one again! (JK, or not)

Filename2 was rehired but only qualified as a completely invisible being.

Gerald and his other people joined the party but can't think of a costume to wear...

In this mod, you only need to retrieve all your candy and just hang around with other people.

*Also yea, the project is rushed cuz i want this submitted only on Halloween lol*

Credit not edited but only available on game descriptions!

Characters and costumes

Gerald dressed as "Viktor Strobovski"

Soap (lhugueny) dressed as "Vaas from Far Cry 3"

Playtime is a neon boy and physically a boy

Crafters is "Pumpkin Maniac"

First Prize is "Game-Jolt Candy Monster"

Army Man is the sweeper

Filename2 is hehired, but invisible


GBB Halloween (Baldi's Fired Once Again!).zip 233 MB

Development log


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Epic mod my man

Also how did you do the 1st prize voice I know it's text2speech but what effects


Also for "first prize" voice, i use vocalware Paul but set it to whisper.